Never pay full price at gap

Never Pay Full Price at Gap

Being the Frugal Millennial, I don’t really enjoy shopping. In fact, I’m convinced that I’m actually allergic to shopping for clothes. I get really hot, stressed, overwhelmed, and itchy when I need to shop for clothes. My attention span for shopping never lasts more than an hour. Although I often have an adverse reaction to […]

DoNotPay: Sue Anyone For Free

DoNotPay: Sue Anyone For Free

Want to get out of parking tickets, sue Equifax, or file a complaint against those robocalls you’ve been getting? Take a look at a new artificial-intelligence lawyer chatbot. DoNotPay is revolutionizing the justice system. The first of its kind, DoNotPay has successfully helped nearly 200,000 people get out of paying parking tickets. About DoNotPay DoNotPay […]