MoviePass Why It’s Worth $9.95

Calling all Millennials! Have you heard of MoviePass, the Netflix of movie theaters? If you’re a movie lover who is strapped for cash, you need to jump on the MoviePass bandwagon.

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Top 3 Apps to Save Money on Flights

No longer do you have to spend your precious time comparing airline to airline hoping you find the best deal. These 3 apps will make sure you save major money on your next flight.

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Why Your Credit Card Application Was Rejected

Getting denied for a credit card can really be a blow to your confidence. Don't let one denial get the best of you. Learn what you can do to change your denial into an approval.

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About Kaitlyn Tessmer the Frugal Millennial

Hi! I'm Kaitlyn, the Frugal Millennial. A recent college graduate with a passion for saving money. I left college with $15,000 in student loans and a year later I paid them off. How did I do it? No, it wasn't with a six-figure salary, in fact, that year I was only making $30,000. I did it by living on less than half of my income. If I can do it, you can do it!

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Kaitlyn Tessmer the Frugal Millennial

Richer than your Roommate.

My goal is to show you that although college is expensive, you don’t have to let the next 4 years burden you financially for the next 4 decades. With the knowledge of this book in hand, I hope you step foot on your university campus knowing that you can graduate college richer than your roommate. Coming soon to