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Want to get out of parking tickets, sue Equifax, or file a complaint against those robocalls you’ve been getting? Take a look at a new artificial-intelligence lawyer chatbot. DoNotPay is revolutionizing the justice system. The first of its kind, DoNotPay has successfully helped nearly 200,000 people get out of paying parking tickets.

About DoNotPay

DoNotPay was created by 19-year-old Joshua Browder. Browder grew up in London and at the age of 18, found himself with a number of parking tickets. Realizing that many parking tickets were caused by confusing street signs. He also noticed that there is a simple formula to appealing parking tickets. After replication that formula through a ChatBot, Browder created DoNotPay.

Parking Tickets

If you’ve recently received a parking ticket, head over to Type in your issue, “Parking Ticket”, and choose the reason you are contesting your ticket. Maybe you didn’t see the “No Parking” sign? Or, perhaps, there were contradictory signs next to each other? After choosing your reason for an appeal, you enter a few basic details: your ticket number, offense you were ticketed for, the street on which you were ticketed, and your full name. The bot automatically formulates a letter for you to send to your local government to contest the ticket. You can print, email, or save the letter. A quick google search will show you the address to send your letter. About 65% of parking ticket appeals are overturned using DoNotPay. Hey, it’s worth a shot!

Sue Equifax in Small Claims Court

If you’ve been affected by the Equifax data breach and don’t want to wait for a class action settlement you can take matters into your own hands. Residents in California and New York can use the ChatBot to sue Equifax in Small Claims Court. By entering in your personal information DoNotPay will fill out all of the necessary paperwork that you need to file a lawsuit against Equifax in Small Claims Court.

If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and argue your own case, this is a great option. Depending on your state, you could be awarded up to $25,000. Often times, lawyers aren’t allowed in Small Claims Court, which works in your favor. Small Claims Court judges are often very reasonable. If you show up and argue that you were a victim of Equifax’s hack, judges will hopefully find Equifax negligible and award you compensation.

Comment below if you’re planning on using DoNotPay to sue Equifax. Plus, don’t forget to keep up to date with the latest Social Security Scam.

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